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Vintage Links

Karen and I are in the process of making our plethora of useless links look like they're actually useful. I am posting them in the information page, but I thought I would also post them under a cut with a link from the info page so that if anyone wanted to suggest new links to add they could just comment on this entry. This may or may not be a great idea, but no harm in trying, right?
I hope everyone's having a great day!


  • Atomic Magazine - The essential guide to the retro revival. Out of print, but back issues are available.

  • The Fedora Lounge - Forum for swanky cats with questions about style and life in the 30's and 40's.

  • The Fifties Web - Great resource for pop culture from the 1950's to the 1970's. Includes Fashion, Hair, Slang, and Much more.

  • Miss-Vintage - A site celebrating vintage style and fashion up to the 1970's.

  • In Timely Fashion - Information on old fashioned elegance throughout the decades.

  • Vintage Memoirs - Visiting the 1930's, 1940's, & 1950's through memorabilia & music.

  • Vintageous - The go-to place for fantastic vintage finds and information.

  • Retro Radar - A database for the best in vintage living.

  • The Vintage Fashion Guild - This site has a plethora of knowledge on all things vintage.


  • The Atomic Boutique - Cool threads for cool cats.

  • Babygirl Boutique - A unique selection of rockabilly and alternative clothing.

  • Bowling Rockabilly - Retro and rockabilly bowling shirts.

  • Cal-Noir of Hollywood - Hawaiian dresses styled from vintage patterns.

  • Cherry Sue - German rockabilly store with marvelous retro clothing and accessories.

  • E.C. Star Clothing - Modern clothing with a vintage twist.

  • Electric Chair - Rockabilly fashions for guys and dolls.

  • Daddy-O’s - "Where the coolest clothes get their coolness!"

  • Dance Dresser - Supplier of all your ballroom needs.

  • Danger Dame - Clothing for vintage vixens.

  • Dark Garden - Dramatic custom corsets.

  • Mode Merr - Outrageous rockabilly clothing. Flames and brass knuckles included.

  • My Baby Jo - High-class retro and rockabilly clothing. Everything from watches to bathing suits.

  • My Vintage Hut - Perfect pin up hair accessories. Some genuine vintage clothing.

  • What Katie Did - Reproduction vintage lingerie.

  • Whirling Turban - Made-to-order bombshells dresses and pin up couture.

  • Unique Vintage - A marketplace of reproduction and authentic vintage clothing.

  • Pin Up Girl Clothing - Everything a modern pin up could need.

  • Poison Candy - "Fashion for outlaws."

  • Poppi Swimwear - Swimwear inspired from the 50's, and 60's.

  • Red Dress Shoppe - Vintage inspired style and reproductions clothing.

  • Vintage Fashions by Buttons - Recreated fashions from actual vintage patterns. Lots of great pics!

  • Sailor Jerry - Old-school tattoo brand merchandise.

  • Peacock Blue Design Studio - Hats and clothing worthy of Las Vegas showgirls.

  • Lucy B. - Vintage inspired lingerie.

  • Lucky 13 Apparel - Psychobilly and American Hot Rod clothing.

  • Lucky Kat - One-of-a-kind art and clothing.

  • Fashion Dig - Authentic vintage clothing and info on where to find it.


  • Elite Heels - Exclusive shoes for the most elite vixens.

  • Heartbreaker Fashion - Rockabilly clothing with modern prints and modern flair.

  • Vintage Laundry - Chinese Laundry's vintage shoe line.

  • Lucky Lou Shoes - Kustom-made shoes for kustom-made gals.

  • Go-Jane - Affordable shoes in all styles.


  • Crown Sunglasses - No image is complete without them.

  • Cursive - Delicate and beautiful lace jewelry.

  • Hell's Belles Finishing School for Girls - Bags for unreformable girls.

  • Revamp Productions - Handbags for the fabulous.

  • Dungaree Dolly's - Rockin' bags built to last.

  • Dying Breed Designs - Original costume jewelry and accessories.

  • Naughty Secretary Club - Interesting jewelry and accessories galore.

  • Nitro A GoGo - Unique handcrafted bags with attitude.

  • Lucky Loo Loo - Gorgeous handmade retro inspired jewelry.


  • Leni's Vintage Hair Tutorial - A fun tutorial on using rats and creating that perfect 40's hair.

  • LP House - An index of hairstyles dating back to the 1840's up to the 1960's.

  • Pomps n' Pin curls - A fantastic hair tutorial site complete with pictures and detailed how-tos.

  • Rockabilly Hairstyles - A page devoted to Rockabilly style and articles about how to achieve it.

  • Hair Archives - Trendy styles dating from the 1940's to 1970's

  • Hairfinder Hair Directory - Lists of sites that can help you recreate the vintage look you're searching for.


  • 20-to-40 Style - A make up guide with reference photos and color guides.

  • Beauty And The Bath - How to help bring out the beauty within.

  • Besame - Elegant and stylish make up, with a tip of the hat to decades past.

  • M.A.C. Cosmetics - High-quality cosmetics with vibrant hues perfect for achieving ruby red lips.

  • Sephora - Make-up and Beauty shop that has prices for every budget, and amazing products.

  • Rimmel London Cosmetics - Low-End Cosmetics that work amazingly considering their price.

  • Helena Rubinstein - Expert Advice and how-tos for make up.


  • Bernie Dexter - Pin up model extraordinaire.

  • The Costume Gallery - Research library for women's costuming enthusiasts.

  • Learn to Dance - Free dancing videos and lessons

  • The Pin Up Files - Info and pictures of pin up artists both classic and modern.

  • Repro Depot - Reproduction and vintage fabrics.

  • Retro Redheads Vintage house wares.

  • Trouble Girls - Equipping the tough girl street army.

  • West Coast Swing - Dancing tutorial

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