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Hello strangers! I've been quite non-existent lately, and for that I apologize.
I've made a flickr account where I have slowly been uploading random tutorials. I put up the ones that flop, as well as when it works.

Here's the link:

There's not much there, but if there's anything anyone wanted a tutorial for, let me know and I can make it up... it's just sort of hard to pull one out of no where when there are so many different places one could start! I have a plethora of old patterns from the 30's-60's that I could try scanning in, I also am able to draft simple(and more complex if you're feeling brave) patterns to make things such as halter tops, pencil skirts, swing dresses, corsets, etc...

I am also currently working on a small collection of recipes and random pieces of knowledge called "Only Grandma Knows" Which will be random tips to achieving vintage beauty with almost no money what-so-ever. (I've got a recipe for the most amazing facial you'll ever use that uses spices from your spice rack, amongst other things!) My great grandmother lived(beautifully) during the depression, and had a plethora of random tips and tricks to uphold your appearance without the money to go out and buy things.

Karen and I would like your input! on somethings we are considering for the community. first off, we thought about having weekly "events" in the community. I'm not sure if many of you re familiar with the Wardrobe Remix project. Essentially the goal is to wear an old outfit in a new way and post pictures describing it. We thought it would be fun to put a twist on this and perhaps every Sunday(just an example since we weren't sure which day would be best, and Sunday is after Saturday night.) we could post a thread with a picture and description of our favorite vintage outfit from that week, and everyone else could either post a comment to it, or they could post an entry with the a tag about something like "Best Vintage Outfit Week 123.2.2 whatever" We could also post one for best hair-do for that week. And we were thinking that on every Monday and Tuesday we could post a "Vintage Tip" which is a small little piece of information on how to live vintage-ly easier, and then we could post a new tutorial(supposing we have one made up.)
I thought we'd run it by anyone who actually reads this still to see what they thought. We'd like to get the community to be somewhat up-and-running.
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